The End of our Homeschool Journey

16 August 2021

For anyone who has remotely followed this blog, you will of course notice that I wasn’t very active with posts here. I had hoped to both inspire myself and maybe share some tidbits of inspiration with others along the way.

We homeschooled one student through 10th grade. That student transferred to a dual-enrollment public high school for Junior and Senior year. I hoped that having the structure of an academic environment might be beneficial, as we seemed to be less and less motivated or organized with projects at home. I was also extremely nervous about my student moving from our very “unschooled” homeschool environment to taking both high school and college classes.

Indeed, there was a bit of a rocky transition, but from my parental perspective, my student did remarkably well, took school very seriously, and has excelled in class. I think we were actually quite fortunate to make this transition in the middle of a pandemic, as all classes were taught virtually, which essentially eliminated an additional adjustment to life in a classroom. My student was still free to get up and move about when needed, and enjoyed more free time not spent with to/from school transport, parking, wandering between classes, etc. Overall, the transition worked out really well for us.

I’m very happy with our homeschool years overall. I often questioned myself, our process, the “quality” of the experience for our entire family, but in the end, I think it worked out and I am glad we were able to give our kids the homeschool experience.

We homeschooled one student through 8th grade, and are transitioning to a virtual public school program this fall. I know there will be questions, doubts, frustrations, and transitions, but again, overall, I hope for the best possible outcome.

Why transition from homeschool to public school for high school? There were many reasons. In brief, it just seemed like the right time to make that transition. Initially, I intended to homeschool all the way through high school, and was prepared to do that, but fully “unschooling” didn’t feel right, and it was also feeling overwhelming to try to create a full high school curriculum, and a lack of homeschool consistency was always an issue. So, we decided to give public school a try, and I’m glad we did.

My final, takeaway thoughts about homeschooling: It is an amazing journey, being present with your kids, learning with them, sharing knowledge, discovering new things, is an absolutely priceless experience and I am so glad to have done that. For me, it was never an easy decision or an easy process. I had many doubts and questions along the way, and many times wanted to give up because I felt like I was floundering, but in the end, I’m glad we persisted as long as we did. We had the freedom and flexibility to create our own life journey, involve kids in meaningful explorations of life, allow them the time to discover themselves and create their own stories.