Favorite Books – Easy Readers

This is the third installment of our favorite books series.  I will share our favorite easy readers today.

  • Part 1: Audiobooks
  • Part 2: Picture Books
  • Part 3: Easy Readers
  • Part 4: Chapter Books
  • Part 5: Read-Aloud Books

By “easy readers” I am referring to what my local public library refers to as “easy readers.”  Also known as “Level 1” readers, these are books that a young child beginning to read might enjoy.  Actually, we didn’t really enjoy most easy readers, so this will be a short list with more commentary.

Anything by Mo Willems – Willems has some really cute easy readers featuring characters “elephant” and “piggy” which are simple enough for a beginner reader but engaging enough to actually keep their interest.  These were my favorites of all the easy reader books we ever looked at.

Mr. Putter and Tabby books by Cynthia Rylant – These are good books.  Simple enough to manage with some help, nicely illustrated, stories with a feel-good plot.

Step Into Reading Level 1 series – We checked a bunch of these out of the library, and they were hit or miss.  Basically, my kids enjoyed some stories but not others.  It may depend a lot on what your kids likes, but the content was generally age appropriate across a wide range of subject matter and characters.

Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold – My kids enjoyed these.  They were easy to read and funny, if you think gross things are funny, which many little kids do.

Dr. Seuss books – Some of these are good for easy reader level (Go Dog Go, for example) and my kids had fun with some of these.  I enjoy them too.

Unfortunately, these are the only easy readers I can remember that we actually enjoyed to some degree.  I’m sure there are some other good ones out there.  The problem is that by the time a kid is used to listening to more complex and interesting stories, they don’t want to read things like “See Spot.  See spot run.”  So my kids got really bored with most easy readers and wanted to move right into the easy chapter books, which I’ll talk about next time.